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54930 - Firetiger w/ Red Beads 3/4 oz Fergie Spoon

54930 - Firetiger w/ Red Beads 3/4 oz Fergie Spoon

Fergie Special Jigging Spoon - 3/4 oz size one (1) per package

Our Price: $6.44

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By: Paulywog on 01/25/2019 02:04:29 AM

Great color and deadly on fish

Fergie Firetiger

By: BLCbear on 08/30/2017 09:57:29 PM

The Fergie Spoons grants an angler a myriad of techniques for representing crayfish and bait fish. These spoons are a very a versatile and may be fished in a variety of ways ranging from vertical jigging to trolling. My personal favorite is casting Fergie Spoons on transitions spots and hopping them across the bottom of the lake like a fleeing/dying bait fish or crayfish. With the added bonus of the clackers, an angler can pull game fish from long distances in clear or murky water to draw heart-pounding strikes. If you thought a lure ever owed a fish money, fish whack these spoons like they owed the fish money.

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