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55074 - Penguin - Glows Pink, Yellow and Blue 1/4 oz LS Tournment Twin Pack

55074 - Penguin  - Glows Pink, Yellow and Blue 1/4 oz LS Tournment Twin Pack

Blue, Yellow And Pink Glow - 1/4 oz Twin Pack long shank

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Trolling the Tournament Series Flasher

By: BLCbear on 08/31/2017 10:10:52 PM

Penguin ? all the right colors and it glows! I troll a lot smaller 3-5" plastic swim baits on the Penguin Tournament Series Flasher Jig to add flash, vibration in addition to my plastics. Also, the available sizes helps me achieve certain depths at varying speeds. From my experience, this is the only jig and blade combination I have encountered that runs true in the water at higher speeds without flip-flopping uncontrollably. I have plenty of experience with this because I frequently troll the Tournament Series Flasher Jigs combined with plastics above the weed lines by running Offshore Tackle boards (OR-12 or 38's) on 10lb mono at 2.0-2.5mph very successfully. If the Tournament Series Flasher Jig is not running correctly, its usually operator error and that means I did not tread the plastic on the jig evenly which caused the problem. This is simply confirmed by removing the plastic from the Tournament Series Flasher Jig, dropping the Tournament Series Flasher Jig in the water next to the boat at the same speed, and visually confirming if the jig is running true. To date, I have yet to see a Tournament Series Flasher Jig be the problem because the jig has always ran true every single time. So, while trolling with a Flasher/plastics combo, evenly and accurately thread your plastics onto a Tournament Series Flasher Jig, ensure it's running properly by a quick visual inspection next to the boat and let the combo do the work for you. I just wanted to pass on my learning curve and observations to hopefully help someone else out in the future because this is an awesome technique. This combination/presentation can dig some fish out of places you never thought possible. The first time I tried this my first comment was "I'd eat it". The Walleye agree, because I have made a lot of mouths sore over the 2 years running this combination.


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