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About Pro Staffer Chet WilliamsChet Williams

Chet comes to us from Colorado via Michigan. A self professed computer geek and can certainly help our presence on the social media front.

I was born and raised in Midland, MI where I learned to fish at a very young age from my Grandpa. I grew up fishing Michigan waters for Walleye, Perch, Pike and Blue Gill. My favorite fishery and most memorable lake is Lake Huron out of Au Gres, MI where I was taught how to troll the big waters for Walleye with my Grandpa and family members. The pursuit of Walleye has always been a passion.

After graduating high school in 2001, I moved to Brighton Colorado where reside with my wife Kendra and our son Brayden (2yrs old) who is our up and coming outdoorsman. Early this next year we are expecting another baby so Brayden will have an additional sibling for outdoor adventures and mischief. While not fishing or working as Regional Sales Executive for a circuit board assembly company, I spend my time with my family.

Upon coming to Colorado, I started out fishing the amazing rivers and streams in the Rocky Mountains for Trout. It wasn’t until 2008 that I finally got the opportunity to get back out on a boat while fishing in Colorado. I had forgotten the freedom and passion for boating and once the first Walleye hit the net, I quickly jumped into a new boat and started to learn how to fish for the elusive Colorado Walleye. In 2010, I started fishing the Colorado Walleye Association tournaments to further increase my knowledge of fishing smaller impoundments and have enjoyed every minute of it. While fishing the CWA tournaments and participating at events, I have gotten to know a lot of wonderful people and have made lifelong friends along the way. With my passion for the club and the sport of Walleye angling, I was nominated as the CWA Promotions Director in 2010 and was later voted in as Vice President in 2011. Currently I am the Vice President of the Colorado Walleye Association.

The first time I was turned on to a Reel Bait product was through the ice at Granby Reservoir in Colorado. Upon first glance, the Plane Jane (Fire Tiger) looked simple but I was completely sold after the first Lake Trout about ripped my rod out of my hand which continued all day long. Since then I have been using the wide variety of Reel Bait products, and I have been extremely satisfied with the products and results. They make quality products that I will recommend to anyone!


Chet Williams | Regional Sales Executive

Direct: 303-565-1975
Cell: 989-708-0043
Email: Chet@aapcb.com