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Colt Anderson

I was raised smack dab in the middle of paradise, Northern Minnesota! Ok, so it's not really paradise but close enough. Located between Grand Rapids and the small town of Hill City, I grew up loving the outdoors.

I was drawn into the fishing world as soon I was able to clasp my tiny fingers around a fishing pole. My father taught me everything he knew and I enjoyed listening and picking up on everything I could while out with him. Through my personal research and endless hours chasing fish I have began to perfect some of my skills as well as add new tricks to my arsenal.

I spend hundreds of days on the water, rain or shine and love every minute of it. I thoroughly enjoy fishing walleye tournaments and guiding in the summer. Every minute on the water I am perfecting techniques and studying the patterns of my target species. I love exploring new baits and trying presentations that might seem out of the ordinary. I thrive on the ever-changing challenges thrown at me in the fishing industry. I strive to better myself, taking in every piece of advice I can from my peers. This is how I found out about ReelBait® tackle. Fellow pro staffer, and brother, Brock Anderson and I share information as regularly as possible, trying to better each other and get the ideas flowing. As Brock and I talked one day, he mentioned the Fergie, by ReelBait®, he gave me one to use and I loved it. I started to become familiar with different products ReelBait® has to offer and let me tell you, I am HOOKED! I am more than happy to be part of the ReelBait® family and help spread the word of what an amazing company ReelBait® Tackle really is. The lures speak for themselves!! My goto lures are the plane jane with a clacker as well as the fergie and flasher jigs. Tie one on and give it a rip, these lures will blow your mind!

Outdoor writer and part time guide for Hang Loose Outdoors.

Email: Colt Anderson