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About ReelBait® Pro Staffer
Barry Cundiff
Barry Cundiff of Brighton, CO

At an early age it was evident that fishing would be a life long passion for Barry and he would become an accomplished fisherman. Fishing was introduced to him at the age of 6 by his older brother. Barry started fishing at the local Bass ponds and slowly migrated to Trout fishing. The passion for fishing grew and expanded from warm to cold water and anywhere in between always targeting various species of fish making him a well versed multispecies angler with an emphasis on Walleye and Lake Trout. At any given time if not fishing or working, one can find him researching, reading, and learning about various fishing techniques. By combining past and present techniques he has raised the bar through experimentation to further techniques and design; maybe not always suited for a typical species of fish. Through this kind of creativity, patience, and time, there were lessons learned but at the same time new techniques were developed and applied to fishing which captured innovation outside the typical norm while producing excellent results. This attention to detail and exploration is what has always separated Barry from the crowd and keeps him active in the fishing industry.

Barry contributes a great deal of time to his local fishing communities through various avenues to promote the sport of fishing and is the President of the Colorado Walleye Association. With aspirations of one day taking his fishing to the next level, it will have to wait as Barry is a full time chemist for a local pharmaceutical company and owner of an apparel and promotional company. The goal of taking fishing to the next competitive level may be a reality in a few years, but it will have to take a back seat due to other life obligations and family. Barry’s fishing passion is shared with his wife Tami, whom like Barry, is very passionate about fishing. Not to mention, his wife is a very accomplished angler herself. Together, they enjoy what he doing at the local and state level for the time being while helping others on and off the water.

“Fishing is unique because it has the potential to remove the common communication barriers most face when dealing with different diversities and generations, but fishing has a unique ability to bridge the communication gaps and promote a healthy relationship amongst family and friends”. There can be more to fishing that what meets the eye. Barry’s current goal is to “promote the sport through communication, family, and respect by building relationships surrounding the sport of fishing”.

My Favorite Lure is the Fergie Special.

Fergie Special Fergie Special.
If you want to see all the Varieties of Fergie Specials, just Click on the Photo

The most versatile mid to deep water jigging spoon I have ever used. The quality and action are second to none. The clacker beads call the fish in and the superior action entices vicious strikes whether I’m fishing for Walleye or Lake Trout. I fish these lures throughout the fishing season, including through the ice with great success. If you are in pursuit of big trophy fish, this is the lure!

Early season and throughout the summer months, I use the Fergie’s in a variety of ways including a vertical presentation, casting and drifting while hopping these amazing lures across structure and flats for those bottoms dwelling trophies which are looking for an easy meal. In the fall, I use the spoons in vertical presentation and throughout the ice fishing season with a snapping motion to evoke reaction bites which excels during the fall Gizzard Shad die-off in our local impoundments.

The profile of this bait is the key to its success and action; it mimics a variety of natural forage in the water which fish cannot resist. When using the Fergie’s, I can mimic a dying or wounded bait fish or a fleeing Crayfish with accuracy and precision.

The quality of the paint and components are among the best I have used. You will wear out the hooks from catching fish many times over before you will ever scuff the paint on these beauties. By far the most durable spoons on the market today and they are made in USA."

Barry Cundiff