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David W Reid

David W Reid

The first time my dad brought me fishing and I got bite, I was hooked. The early years of biking to the lakes, rivers or creeks helped me hone my skills. In 1993 I fished my first Walleye tournament. After a disappointing first day with only catching one small eye, I spent the night retieing spinners rigs for day two. The next day saw us catching the biggest Walleye of the tournament and placing sixth overall with only weighing in a total of five fish for the tournament. I was hooked. . In 1995 I was one of the first anglers in Northeastern Ontario to receive a manufacture Sponsorship. This lead to other opportunities with other manufactures and local sponsorships.

Over the years of fishing in different tournaments and now in the NOWT Walleye Circuit, I have had the opportunity of introducing many different novice anglers looking at joining the tournament circuit one day. Since most have had the trill of placing, (out of fishing in 23 NOWT events I have 8 top 10 and 11 top 20. From 1993 I have had a win and 11 top 10 tens prior to the introduction of the NOWT), many of these anglers have went out to purchase new products that they had the chance of using or seeing.

Over the years I have received some local press, have written some blogs for the WFN in which I have won a Top Ambassador Award, and also have written some reports that are posted on the National Pro Staff web site. You can catch my reports on Face Book as while.

In 2007 I had to take some time for myself to deal with personal matters. Out of all of my accomplishments, the one that stands above the rest would have to be fishing the Lund AYA Tournament with my nephew Ryan. Since it was only the two of us fishing the tournament we were at a disadvantage, however that did not bother us. We spent the day laughing and bugging one another. After weigh in was done, we found out that we finished in fifth. After going up on stage with him for our prize, Ryan made the comment to me as we walked off " that was cool but thanks for the day. You see that was the last time I had with him fishing as he lost his battle with Cancer the following spring. That is what fishing is all about, spending time with the ones you Love and care about. Teaching them the thrill about catching a fish and spending time with them when they need you.

Now I am back and look forward to bring you reports on the ReelBait products along with the pictures of the fish that I catch with the ReelBait products. It is an exciting time for ReelBait so it is an honor and privilege to be apart of Pro Staff. Be sure to check back on the ReelBait web site or follow ReelBait on FaceBook for the Pro Staff articles, tips, pictures and new tackle coming your way. Sharp Hooks everyone.