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About Pro Staffer
Pro Staffer Cliff Hollis
Cliff Hollis

Cliff lives in the state of Washington and fishes the Columbia River.

He has lived his life in the outdoors fishing, hunting and has a vast knowledge of the area. He has unselfishly passed his love of the outdoors onto his son (Mathew) and daughter (Bethany) and now to the next generation.

His no nonsense approach to what produces quality fish is what brings Cliff to us.

"The next World Record Walleye is swimming in the Columbia River and I bound and determined to catch it.
It will come on a ReelBait product too!.... as that's what I fish exclusively in these trophy waters. We count on the Made in the USA quality and integrity of this gear to land these fish out here. If it swims we can catch it with ReelBait "...say's Cliff.

While Cliff is an aficionados of the Flasher Jigs, Son Mathew is a recent Fergie Spoon convert. While Bethany and son-in-law Dane have no personal preferences, however they do tie up flasher jigs with feathers for steelhead.

To date they have catches of Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Salmon, Steelhead, Trout, even Sturgeon, and Shad. ..