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Pro Staffer KJ Beam

KJ Beam

"For some reason your lure company has brought a group of people together that probably would have never known each other. Passing each other without the possibility of even a nod or a glance. Possibly even fishing the same body of water and cursing one another for trying to move in on the others fish. Not afraid to zip a buzz bait by your ear to get your attention. Who would have thought that a little lure and big ideas would have generated a great business, but more importantly at lease for me great friends."

"People travel in and out of our lives each giving and each taking something from each one of us. It is up to you to see what they left with you, or that you gave to them so that you can grow and be a better friend."

Pro-Staffer K.J. Beam,
former head of Cabela's North American Walleye Association.