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Jeff Matitiy

Jeff Matity

"Jeff Matity, born and bred in Saskatchewan, Canada, has been involved in Fisheries Sciences and the Fishing Tackle Industry, in one form or another, for over 20 years.

During that time, Jeff has worked as a Fish Behaviour researcher at the University of Saskatchewan, later a Fisheries Ecologist for Sask Fisheries, and currently is a Contract Biologist for Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Jeff has sat on the Provincial Fisheries Advisory Council and has spent a considerable amount of his volunteer time as an Outdoor Educator, Fishing Lecturer and Project Coordinator for the non-profit fisheries enhancement organization, Fishing For Tomorrow Foundation (FTF) out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

During his early years, Jeff worked in the fishing tackle industry in retail sales, became an expert fishing rod builder while working for a well known custom rod building company and began a long-lasting career as a fishing guide all while attending university. Since then, Jeff has developed into a well educated person, with both a Bachelors Degree in Biology as well as a Bachelor Degree in Education which allowed him to build strong communication skills to go along with his varied experiences in the fishing world.

Above all else, Jeff is a big-fish specialist targetting monster walleye, pike, lake trout, carp, burbot and perch to name a few. His successes have allowed him to become a valuable contributor to many outdoor publications, most noteworthy, various In-Fisherman publications and television projects where he has become a frequent author and guest.

Five years ago, Jeff began an ambitious project with his brother, Jason, for CTV called "Reel 'Em In" that showcases fishing techniques and highlights species of interest to all anglers. Already co-creator, writer, camerman and guest host of the project, Jeff has been able to further contribute with his own underwater videogrophy. Shot under his own company name, Matity Outdoor Media (MOM), Jeff' specializes in underwater videography of fishes in a "fair chase" environment interacting with eachother and reacting to angling techniques. Jeff's underwater footage has been featured throughout the "Reel 'Em In" series as well as on "In-Fisherman IceGuide TV".

Every year, Jeff's credits nearly all of his trophy catches to REELBAIT® tackle.

Among them, the phenomenal REELBAIT® Fergie and PlaneJane Spoons rank the highest for giant walleyes weighing in the teens. These two lures vertically jigged in the fall of the year can not be beat.

Likewise, in the summer when walleye are scattered between mainlake structures, trolling with the REELBAIT® BackBead Spinner is the best way to find and then trigger trophy walleye. The flash and vibration of the blade draw in fish from a distance and the "back bead" on the trailer hook gives a following fish the focal point to key in on and strike. This combination, puts incredible number of walleye, pike, perch and even carp in the boat when other techniques falter.

Without question, the "Ultimate 4-Season Weapon" in the REELBAIT® arsenal is the REELBAIT® Flasher Jig. NO fish in any enviroment is safe when the Flasher Jig is presented in the right size, color and series with the right bait attached. Be it soft plastics, live baits or dead baits, the Flaser Jig is THEE bait delivery system of choice, particularly when the fish are present but unwilling to chase. The "hero lure" of the Red and Winnipeg River systems, the Flasher Jig holds the current REELBAIT® walleye record with Jason Matity's "Colossal "Red River Greenback Giant" of 16 pounds 6 ounces.

I have a webpage that highlights the work I have done along with my brother, Jason, in promoting REELBAIT® tackle via our television program "Reel 'Em In" on CTV here in Canada. The address is www.fishing-in-saskatchewan.com. Here you can find several segments directly featuring REELBAIT® tackle and its use in catching trophy fish along with underwater footage of REELBAIT® tackle in action!

Jeff & Lori can be emailed at:momknowsfishing@sasktel.net