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Charlie Rine

Charlie Rine

The crossroads of fishing and friendship certainly take some very strange twists and turns through the years.  In 1994, a childhood friend and a former high school football teammate during the 60’s, Al Patterson and I crossed paths again at, of all places, a fishing show.  And (lo and behold), a fishing lure manufacturer and a fishing tackle company came to be. You see, Al had a dream and vision to start a company that would rival the most famous names in the fishing tackle industry.  During our re-acquaintance at that mid-winter fishing show, Al picked away for my opinion on his ideas to manufacture some walleye lures.

He certainly had some interesting concepts about how he was going to get started.  Al also had a patented trade name for his product line.  Reel Bait.  (Sounded catchy and appealing).  I offered Al my input on walleye fishing and limited knowledge on what I thought might be successful. Truthfully, I was wondering to myself and doubtful about the commitment that it would take for a business to compete with established tackle giants.

Brother, was I wrong.  Al contacted me only a few days later and asked if I would attend a spring fishing show with him sponsored by the Nebraska Walleye Association in Hastings, Nebraska.  He further stated that he had a few display boards made for some spinner harnesses and a table reserved to show off his wares.

Reel Bait was off and running.  Friendships and crossroads with other people in the fishing game developed into new associations and opportunities.  After much pondering and after several road trips to fishing shows throughout the Midwest, the next few years bore fruit in the growth and success that Reel Bait enjoys today.

What first started as a manufacturing venture for local bait stores evolved into a retail internet business and wholesale supplier to outlets such as Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops to name a few.  Product lines grew and expanded . . . and today, fisherman from all sorts of backgrounds and species, from all areas of the country (even internationally), purchase and enjoy great results from Reel Bait.

I encourage anyone (recreational or occasional to the serious tournament pro) to check out the variety, colors and selections that Reel Bait has to offer.  If your fishing style is simple and slow, tune into the spinner harnesses and awesome jigs.  Care for something that requires a more sophisticated and technically challenging approach to your favorite species that has big fish potential?  Look at the Reel Bait Fergie Spoons and Lytle Secret Tail Spinners.  The Reel Bait web site has the proof in the pictures that tells the “tail”.

Al and I have not strayed far from our reconnection since 1994.  We make annual trips to Canada with our lovely wives to enjoy peace, quiet, great fishing and wonderful friends. Here’s hoping that your “crossroads” with Reel Bait leads to a similar place for your angling adventures.