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About Pro Staffer
Nicholas Werner a Reel Bait Pro Staffer
Nicholas Werner

Born and raised in the sandhills of Nebraska.  I was introduced to fishing by both of my grandfathers and caught the "bug" at a very young age. I fell in love with two things growing up: fishing and flying.  I would fish for anything that would swim.  Bass, bluegill, bullheads, carp, catfish, perch, walleye, sunfish, crappie, pike, river chubs, whitebass, and even the occasional snapping turtle!  If it swam I wanted to catch it!  At age 15 and feeling land-locked, I built and launched my first boat on Johnson Lake, Nebraska.  I've been a proud boat owner ever since.  Somehow I managed to pursue my other love "flying" and I was able to turn that into a successful aviation career.  After being in the aviation world for 14 years I was furloughed from my current employer United Airlines.
With my wife’s (Alison) blessing I was able to take my time away from the cockpit and start getting more serious about tournament fishing.  More specifically walleye tournament angling.  I have been able to compete in various tournaments at both the club and regional level including: Nebraska Walleye Trail, Colorado Walleye Association, Wyoming Walleye Stampede, and as a co-angler in the AIM professional Walleye Series.  In 2011 I will be competing as a co-angler in the FLW professional walleye series on Lake Erie.   
Some big changes for my wife and I in 2011.  We just finished our move to Ontario Canada from Denver Colorado.  My wife is now back in her home country and because the family cottage is on the famous Bay of Quinte I can now call that my new "home water".  I truly miss the western USA but I have a new chance to fish a ton of new water!  Being fairly familiar with the Bay of Quinte I have already signed up for a few of the derbys that take place there every year and joined a local walleye club - Bay of Quinte Walleye League - www.boqwl.com 
I am a huge fan of the ReelBait flasher jigs.  One of my best tournament finishes (Wyoming Walleye Stampede -Glendo) came last year pitching flasher jigs tipped with a leech in 2-4 feet of water.  My go to jig - the 1/8 oz short shank parrot - We were pitching it in the wood all day.  The key was to pitch the jig let it fall and if there was no takers then "knock it back to the boat" on all of the submerged timber.  The combination of the slow falling jig and a tasty leech on the end was just to much for the walleye to handle.  We even had one fish almost land in the boat as it chased it back. "unreal"!
I am "super excited to join the Patterson’s ReelBait Pro-Staff"!!  When you believe in the product it makes you proud to show it to other people!  
Favorite places to fish include:  Merritt Reservoir, Nebraska, Lake Oahe, South Dakota, Glendo Reservoir, Wyoming and of course The Bay of Quinte , Ontario Canada!   

Nick can be emailed at nwerner97@hotmail.com