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Tips From Al Patterson,
Owner & Founder of REEL BAIT

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ReelBait original flasher jig

REELBAIT® Original Flasher Jigs

With the Flasher Jigs, we have created a true underwater chameleon. Try rip-jigging weeds, vertical jigging in current, or my favorite and highly underutilized technique is to suspend a Flasher under a slip bobber. This bobber technique works great in current situations of fishing over submerged weed beds. Equally effective fished in open water or under the ice.

Q: By the way, what did you use for your big "eyes" ya caught on your trip? Or, are you like so many "fishermen" (my Dad included) who would never give out that info? - Duane Bowring
A: Never a problem with asking about what we (myself or pro staff) are using. I stress that they be honest about what they catch the fish on. We are here to help. Lots of big Flasher fish lately from Red River and also Columbia River. Even a few 15 and 16's. We are shooting for a new world record if Last Mountain doesn't break it before then. Flashers are hot right now! Hope to see you on the water soon!

Plane Jane - Fergie Special

A snap of the wrist and then, control the flutter back to the bottom on a semi taught line, and hold on, this is where the strikes occur. Perfect your finesse presentation of the right amount of lift for the fluttering drop and get ready for some get in their face action. Fish will hit it on the way down or as it settles to the bottom. Your next lift the fish will be there. Snap with authority as though you were setting the hook on the lift, and be prepared! I prefer to fish this bait on a 6'6" medium to medium heavy rod with a bait casting reel with a flipp'n switch, spooled with a premium 10 to 12 lb. monofilament line. A lot of fishermen use super lines, however, I prefer the shock absorbing and forgiveness of mono, because the fish really pound these baits.

Spoons are my favorite on negative fish, they can really fire them up. My belief is they are striking out of reaction not hunger.

When pulling ReelBait Spinner Rigs. I prefer a pencil type bottom bouncer attached to a Quick Change™ weight Snap. With these snaps, you can customize the amount of weight to your rig without retying.  You will notice feeling the vibration of the blade and even be able to tell different bottom conditions. This lets you really dial in your fishing conditions and boat speed.

Lytle's Secret

Lytle’s Secret Tips

After fishing this bait you will definitely notice the "feel" what the other baits say they have as far as vibration. Makes the feel of a 20 dollar rod feel like that of a 200.
As you watch it in the water moving, it moves with lifelike action. I like to dead stick them, up off the bottom in a rod holder. Just the slow movement of an electric trolling motor will really make them appear lifelike.

Al, What’s your favorite color?

Honestly, too many variables for a favorite color!I like all that we make or I wouldn't make them in that color. I figure if all would go ker-put.... I'd be left with the lifetime supply of everything I need to catch fish. I know some lakes are red lakes, some are chartreuse. Blues and purples are really shaking things up now.  They have always been good but are just starting to get some press now. Some people say walleyes can't see blue colors?  Maybe that’s good and they just see the movement and feel the vibration.Not knowing what they can or cannot do, I/we can only rely on repeat performance.I do know, if you yourself don't have confidence in a bait, you will switch and not give it a real chance to do its thing. Now, did the color matter when you do catch the fish or was it just because you found fish that wanted to play the game? Tough call sometimes, you just got to have the confidence to stay with some colors. Usually has more to do with the diet of the fish during that day or circumstances..Hope this helps?

Thanks for asking:
Al Patterson, Reelbait Tackle