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Tips From Our REELBAIT® Pro Staffers

Cats on the Red asked: I recently had a customer ask what the best lures would be for fishing big lake trout and arctic grayling on open water? Can you give me your opinion please. – H.Chow

Big Lakers- #1 Fergie’s all the way! White or Chart. tipped with belly very small strip of sucker meat where appropriate or naked.
#2 Plane Jane - Superman, Firetiger or Cherry Bomb for when Lakers get finicky and you need to decrease profile either casting, pitching or vertical jigging
#3 Original Flashers – 1/4 - 3/8 White, Chart, Parrot and Firetiger with curly tail - Post spawn shallow water pitching 3-24 FOW
Plain Jane

REELBAIT® Plain Jane™

Rainbow Trout, Cutthroat and Brown’s
#1 Tough call between Lytle’s (Nat. Shad 1/4oz) and Pain Jane’s (Red Shad 1/4oz) depending on lakes forage base coloration changes accordingly
#2 Flashers- 1/8  oz – 1/4  Flo. Orange, Pink or Flo. Red tipped with live bait where appropriate, or curly tail/equivalent

Plain Jane

#1 Plane Jane in Natural Shad  (1/4 and 1/12 oz)
#2 silver glitter (1/4 and 1/12 oz)

The true fact of the matter is; Reelbait can do it all!  In open water Lake Trout fishing there is a variety of facets to consider; vertical jigging for structure based Lakers (your typical trophy spots), flats fishing for cruising trophy Lakers (drifting, vertical jigging, casting and pitching) pre and post spawn techniques for shallow water fish and transitional/seasonal movements; the reality is, no other company offers lures which can tackle all facets except Reelbait. 

The versatility is endless.  Not many companies can boast a quality paint that will withstand the abuse of Lakers either. For an example,  I have a four year old 3/4oz Fergie  which I have replaced hooks on over 30 times and caught in excess of over 600 Lakers; the Fergie still looks perfect after all this abuse.  I can catch Lakers day after day on any body of water with a Fergie and I say this with confidence.  When it comes to Lakers, Fergie’s are my go to lure.  They work and they are versatile enough to take any approach you want for Trophy Lakers any time of the year.  You can cast, jig, pitch, hop and burn any of the ReelBait products through the water to create and achieve any presentation you want; complete versatility to achieve success at the end of the day. - Barry Cundiff, ReelBait Pro-Staff, Colorado

Ice Fishing Tips
Mark your skimmer handle in inches, easy way to measure ice depth. – Todd Consbruck, ReelWalleye.com

ReelBait original flasher jig

REELBAIT® Original Flasher Jigs

My favorite ReelBait product is a Flasher Jig, especially when on the Red River in Manitoba. I whole-heartedly believe that more big walleyes over 10 lbs have been caught there on the Flasher Jigs than any other place with any other lure.  I am very proud to have introduced this jig there in 1990’s. The Flasher Jigs particularly excel in dirty water and current, but can’t be overlooked at any time.– Todd Consbruck, ReelWalleye.com

Glow Red, Glow Red, Glow Red as one of your "go to" colors for walleye & perch. – Todd Consbruck, ReelWalleye.com

At Pine Falls Manitoba. Our group managed (3) 11# walleyes and (2) 12# walleyes. This was much slower than most years but the temps never went above freezing our entire time there and most of the time remained in the teens with occasional blizzard conditions. Walleye Flashers were the hot jig and a big ripper took one of the nice fish trolling. – Todd Consbruck, ReelWalleye.com

REELBAIT® Transparent Flasher Jigs

Here's a hot tip, take the red blades off of the glow Red Tail and Transparent Flasher Jigs and put them on the gold jigs in tannic water, such as the Red River up north. – Todd Consbruck, ReelWalleye.com

The Flasher Jig Series are true underwater chameleons, able to be fished in a wide variety of presentations. From rip-jigging weeds with a plastic body, to vertical jigging in swift current with a live shiner, to dead sticking in a rod holder on the ice or in a boat, the Flasher Jig Series are lures serious anglers can't afford to be without, simply put, the The "Original" Flasher Jig is the most lethal jig on the market. -- Jeff  Matity, Saskatchewan Canada.
Goliath Pike Researcher, and In-Fisherman contributing writer

I like to use the Flasher jigs as the bottom weight on a drop shot rig. My clients can fish live bait or plastic baits on one or the other or both hooks. The neutral balance and stand-up properties of this bait lessen the number of retying due to hang ups and break offs.  I often find clients will catch two fish at a time using this method of fishing.-- Steve Lytle, professional guide