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Original Flasher Jigs Tip Sent in by Roger Stearns B.C.T.

ReelBait original flasher jig
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REELBAITĀ® Original Flasher Jigs

Take 2 1/4oz Reel Bait Flasher jigs, long shank preferred.
Take sidecutters and cut the blade off one of them including the split ring.
This leaves a jig with just the swivel left and a normal flasher jig.
Tie on a 12 inch dropper of 10lb mono from the swivel on the bottom of the top jig to the jig eye on the bottom jig.
In effect drop-shotting with 2 jigs.

The benefits are the swivel connection for line twist.
The jig head style with the flat bottom for bottom pounding.
The stand up hook design.
Using 2 different colours at once
The long shank jig for keeping your bait as horizontal as possible.
The long shank for getting the hook gap as far as possible from your main line.
The attraction of the blade on the bottom jig.
The fact that you are not using a 3/8 oz jig and using a lighter jig that is easier to suck in while actually having 1/2oz of weight to get your bait down.
With practice you will be able to tell when the bottom 1/4oz jig touches bottom by the reduction of weight on your rod tip.

Thank you.

Roger Stearns B.C.T.