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55532 - Perch 1 1/2 oz Prototype Spoon

55532 - Perch 1 1/2 oz Prototype Spoon

1 1/2 oz One per package

Our Price: $6.05

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The Right Tool for the Job

By: Matity on 08/29/2017 03:47:24 AM

I fish big water for big walleye surrounded by intense wind and waves. It's hard to control a boat over individual fish and present a lure with the finesse needed to trigger the strike. Even the 1 oz Fergie spoon is difficult to fish, 30 feet down,in 6 foot rollers. Thankfully, REELBAIT heard our plea and produced the 1.5 oz Pritotype spoon. My first trip produced an 8 pound walleye during horrible conditions and I've been a REEL believer ever since...YEP...RIGHT TOOL for the JOB!


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