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The patented Spin Doctor is a versatile spinner bait that is unequaled in triggering the predatory instincts of fish.


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The unique head shape, hook placement, and tail assembly all combine to make this the ultimate jig.


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Combined with the rattle of faceted glass beads against the brass clacker assembly that has established a reputation for this bait as a big fish bait and tournament favorite


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At ReelBait® Tackle, we take pride in the fact that we
use high quality components and are manufactured and hand assembled in the
USA.  Our original and innovative designs
have unprecedented year round fish catching results for all of North America’s
game fish species.

Pick up some of our best sellers and see why

“If fish could ask for it….they would!”


YES...the Original Fergie Spoon brought power-fishing spoons from the USA to Canada and back. Fishing show after fishing show, magazine article after magazine article, all demonstrated the lethal power of this planing spoon adorned with brass 'n glass clacker. Ten pound, 12 pound, 14 pound, 16 pound walleye!!!


Excellent Flasher jigs. I walleye Fish. I like this jig a lot. It is really good 10 feet and under a water depth. With less than 10 mile an hour wind