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Tournament Twin Pack (Long Shank)

Type: Jigs
Color - Fluorescent Orange

ReelBait ® Tournament Series Flasher Jig is our neutral balanced jig reincarnated. We have kept the design the same, but added a Gamakatsu Black Nickel hook. The unique head shape plows into current to give you maximum control while suspended and performs as a stand up when on the bottom. It can be cast, trolled or jigged. It can be tipped with live bait or soft plastics, and is a proven jig for the broadest range of fish. Flashers create maximum flash, distress vibration and sound patterns, with color combinations that trigger the instinctive command in a fish's brain to strike. We have created a true underwater chameleon, from rip-jigging weeds, vertical jigging in current, or suspended under a bobber on open water or under the ice.

Made in the U.S.A.